Supplemental Training

Supplemental training includes a variety of live and on-line courses that may be conducted on a district, council, regional or national level -- or training to benefit those who may have ancillary roles with Scouting Units. The supplemental training courses are designed to give leaders additional information on specific areas of Scouting. Many topics touched in basic training are covered in much greater detail during the supplemental training courses. Here are some examples of supplemental training:

BSA Lifeguard

BSA Certified Lifeguards are necessary for all aquatics activities in the BSA including boating and swimming. The BSA Lifeguard certification is a separate certification from the common Red Cross Lifeguard Certification. These trainings are taught in-person at local Scout Camps and other training facilities.

Commissioners College and Conferences

The College of Commissioner Service provides specialized training for all functions in the council and district related to commissioner service. College of Commissioner Service

Commissioners' Conferences are designed to be a supplemental training and motivational event for all commissionersCommissioners' Conference

CPR Certification

CPR Certification is required for a number of other Scouting Trainings and some advancement requirements for youth.  (See "Wilderness First Aid")

COPE/Climbing Instructor Training

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) and Climbing Instructors are volunteers who are specially trained to deliver programs involving climbing, rapelling and other high ropes elements. Training for these instructor positions are held in-person at local Scout Camps.  

High Adventure Climbing Page

Shooting Sports 

Specialty trainings are available for volunteer rangemasters who supervise shooting sports events including Archery, BB Guns, Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. These trainings are offered in-person at local Scout Camps and other training facilities.  

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Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer Series is a three-part course designed to help leaders conduct training sessions for other leaders. The three Train the Trainer series courses are taught in-person at the Volunteer Service Center.  

Contact the Council Training Chair or Staff Advisor for more info.

University of Scouting

University of Scouting is an annual event where instructors from across the Northeast Georgia Council gather to teach over 50 courses ranging from Basic to Supplemental Trainings. The largest training opportunity of the year, University of Scouting also includes new and experimental courses that aren't at any other point in the year.  

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Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED

Wilderness First Aid is a series of courses designed to train Leaders in how to respond to emergencies on back country and high adventure outings. These courses are taught in-person at Scoutland on Lake Lanier.  

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The following Training is available online at the BSA Learn Center

Climb on Safely

Climb On Safely is the Boy Scouts of America’s procedure for organizing BSA climbing/rappelling activities at a natural site or a specifically designed facility such as a climbing wall or tower.

Safe Swim Defense

Safe Swim Defense is the required training for adult leaders participating in or supervising all swimming activities. Adult leaders supervising activities afloat must have completed Safe Swim Defense training within the previous two years.

Safety Afloat

Safety Afloat is the required training for Adult Leaders participating in or supervising all boating activities. Adult leaders supervising activities afloat must have completed Safety Afloat training within the previous two years.

Trek Safely

Trek Safely is the Boy Scouts of America’s recommended procedure for organizing and carrying out outdoor treks that involve Scouts BSA, and Venturers. Trek Safely applies to all types of outdoor experiences that involve trekking, including hiking, backpacking, canoeing, etc.

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