Shooting Sports

The Boy Scouts of America use responsible outdoor activities to promote character development and value based leadership training. Shooting sports have the ability to attract and retain youth in the movement. Millions of young people participate in one or more of the sports annually—archery, rifle shooting, shotgun activities, pistol, etc.—guided by NRA Instructors who have the skills and knowledge to provide quality programs in a safe and effective way. The Boy Scouts of America adheres to its longstanding policy of teaching its youth and adult members the safe, responsible, intelligent handling, care, and use of firearms, air rifles, BB guns, and archery equipment in planned, carefully managed, and supervised programs.


If you have any questions about shooting sports please contact our NRA Instuctor Chuck Hoover for Archery questions please contact Matther Bowman.



Rifle and Shootgun Merit Badge at Camp Rainey Mountain

August 25, 2018 (also offering a Summer Camp MB copletion option- we will work with those needing to complete the "qualifying" requirement from Summer Camp

Cost: $40 Rifle   $50 Shotgun   "Summer Camp Completion" $20

All participants should come prepard by having read the appropriate merit badge pamphlets and bring with them all necessary material outlined in the requirements. Scouts who already possess shooting skills will be given an opportunity to complete the shooting portion of the Archery, Rifle, or Shotgun Merit Badge requirements. Shooting opportunities will be available using NRA Certified Instructors to score targets and assist Scouts to learn techniques that will improve their performance. If a Scout comes prepared with the knowledge necessary to discuss the requirments to the satisfaction of the councelor, a signed blue card from his Scoutmaster and shoots a required score, he or she can complete all requirements on that day for either the Rifle Shooting or Shotgun Shooting merit badge.

The Reservation form, along with all fee must be submitted to the Jefferson Service Center. Fees cannot be collected at the event. Turn in all form to Heather Sisk in the camping department.

Units will need to provide all their own meals. Attendees must bring their own meals 

Scouts Must bring a signed "Blue Card" giving approval from his Unit Leader to attend and their merit badge pamphlet

Those attending only the "Summer Camp Completion" class need to be sure and bring their "partial" signed blue card in order to recieve credit for the remaining requirements.

As with all BSA activities, Youth Protection Training is required of all adult leaders in attendance. Please bring proof of current YPT.


August 25, 2018: Archery (Merit Badge) at Camp Rainey Mountain

Arrive Friday night August 24. Check in at the Admin bld between 7 & 9 pm.

Cost: $20

All Classes start promptly Saturday morning at 8 am at the dining hall. 

This one day event will make available registered merit badge counselors for the Archery merit badge staffed Archery ranges. All participants should come prepared by having read the appropriate merit badge pamphlet and bringing with them all necessary materials outlinded in the requirements. Shooting opportunities will be available using USA Archery Certified Instructors to score targets and assist Scouts to learn techniques that will improve thier performance. If a Scout comes prepared with the knowledge necessary to discuss the requirements to the satisfaction of the counselor, a signed blue card from their Unit Leader and shoots a minimum score, they can complete all requirements on this day for the Archery MB. 

Meals are NOT included- units/participants are responsible for all their meals

Adults must bring proof of current Youth Protection Training

Please fill out Reservation form and email form to Heather Sisk in the camping department at the Jefferson Service Center. Fees Cannot be collected at the event.



Basic Firearms Instructor- Rifle, OR Shotgun,(may select only one) & Archery Level 1


Date: September 7, 2018

This event will provide training to lead courses in Rifle, Shotgun, or become a Range Safety Officer (RSO). Upon satisfactory completion, the participant may qualify by NRA standards to instruct in that discipline subject to the age stipulations of the NRA. The courses are designed to train experienced shooters how to lead the NRA Basic or First Steps course for a single discipline as NRA certified instructors. Additionally, you will be able to conduct these course outside of the Boy Scouts programs. Your certification does not automatically allow you to sign off as a merit badge counselor for the rifle or shotgun shooting merit badges. To do so you must first register and be approved as a Rifel/Shootgun Merit Badge Counselor by the Council Advancement Committee (forms available at the course).

NRA Instructor Courses- Basic Firearms Instructor Registration Form 

The Reservation form, along with all fees due must be submitted to the Jefferson Service Center. Please send all forms to Heather Sisk. Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. Registration fees cannot be collected at the event. 

Participants will be housed in the lower staff area. Cabins will be reserved for youth males, youth females, adult males, and adult females.

Participants must bring their own bedding and personal gear. All course materials and meals Saturday & Sunday will be provided. Uniforms are not required.

Schedule: Friday 7:00pm- opening session in the staff area, plan to attend. Basic Instrutor Course/Saturday 8am- Discipline specific training Sunday-8am Discipline specific training (should end at approximately at 4pm on Sunday)

As with all BSA activities, youth protection training is required of all adults leaders in attendance.

Bring Proof of Current YPT to the Friday Night Session




USA Archery Level 1 Certification Class


This course is an introduction on how to teach archery on a basic level. Teaching beginning archers to be safe with Archery Equipment while on the Ranger. Learn how to teach basic form and steps of shooting to get archers on target in and organized format. You will be able to teach archers safely while they learn skills for competition or just for fun! Class does have hands on range training and a written test at the end.


No experience needed. Participants must be 15 yrs old to take this class.

SAFE sports training must be completed online before certification is complete. (Free class) 


USA Archery Level 2 Certification Class (You MUST Complete Level 1 before taking Level 2)


This course is designed to futher instrutor knowledge in the National Training System for archery, work with more advance equipment, and learn different formats of Archery. You will learn how to improve archers form and shooting technique based on Biomechanical techniques.This course will teach you different types of archery equipment, proper set-up for intended use, plan long term programs and minor competitions for intermediate archers, and also learn how to plan, organize, and run Level 1 instructor classes.

Must be a member of USA Archery, Complete at Team USA background check, and online SAFE sport training. Experience in archery preferred. Participant must be 18 yrs old to take this class

You may bring your own equipment. Must be in safe working order and able to be secured when on site.