Wilderness First Aid


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Pre-registration required for each class. Class size is limited to 30 people. Participants must be at least 14 years old.


Cost: $130.00 per person (includes books, printing, materials and meals)


Class will begin at 8:00 am Saturday and concludes at approximately 4:00 pm on Sunday.

  • Meals will be provided
  • Bring camping gear
  • No uniform required
  • Camping will be in staff cabins or campsites


Topics To Be Covered:

  • CPR & AED
  • Types of Delayed-help Situations
  • Emergency Action Steps
  • Checking the scene, patient, and resources
  • Contacting help
  • Caring for the patient long term
  • Patient assessment and Record Keeping
  • Preventing Disease Transmission
  • Prioritizing Care
  • Carrying Out the Plan
  • Deciding to Evacuate
  • Treatment of injuries such as: Wounds, Head and Spinal Injuries, Extremity Injuries, Abdominal Injuries, Sudden Illnesses, Major Bites and Stings, Burns, Altitude Illnesses, Shock

2023 Courses

Course Dates


August 19-20

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November 4-5

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2024 Courses

Course Dates

Registration (opens January 1st)

March 1-3

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August 16-18

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November 2-3

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