SW Adult Leader Recognition


Award knots are available to all registered adult volunteer leaders. Click here for a full list.

District award nominations are accepted throughout the year, however deadlines vary. Please go to our "Forms and Flyers" page and download the forms to nominate a deserving leader. For Council and National awards, contact the Council Advancement Committee.

Sweetwater District Honor Roll

Council Level Awards


Silver Beaver Award
Dean Abercrombie Betty Forrester Traci Matthews
Lisa Abercrombie Jerry Forrester Don Maxey
Dale Anderson Elaine Foster Amy McCarty
Jason Bach Hans Friedrichsen Don McCarty
Ric Baxter Ron Givens Kevin McClure
Thomas Bell Edwin Henderson Wayne McCullough
J. W. Benefield Bealinda Holloman David McGinnis
James T. Bennett Tom Holloman Rick Meinersmann
Nell Bennett Bruce Johnson Phillip Moon
Rudy O. Bennett Jim Johnson David Moore
Goebel Berry James Jones Larry Nash
Pete Blankenship David Joyce Jerry Oberholtzer
H. B. Bowers Donna D. Kaplan Joe Odom
Lane Bridges McK King Ron Owens
James H. Briscoe Roger Kurth William Rambow
Ranny Burts Mark Lacy Dr. Pete Richards
Lynn Butler Ray Lampros Al Rosado
Rudolph W. Camp Jeff Lee Scott Sewell
Mike Cash Gary L. Lohsen Simmie Slay
Tom Chamberlin Earle Lott III David Thompson
Denise Coburn Don Lowe Mike Vance
David Cowan Tim Maenpaa Jack Wade
Herbert D. Dalton Dan C. Maloney, Jr. Mark White
Owen Daniel Pedro Marin James (Ed) Wiley
John Dollar    



District Award of Merit
Dean Abercrombie (2015) Tommy Godwin Mike McKenzie (2002)
Lisa Abercrombie (2016) Liz Hallsworth (1993) Tim Meanpaa (2008)
Bart Alcorn (2017) Michael Hanners (2013) Rick Meinersmann (2006)
Joe Ashby (2019)    
Thom Batchelder (2003) Glen Harvey Susan Meyers (2002)
Ric Baxter (1996) Rosemary Hedin (2004) Michele Miller (1984)
Chip Beckham (2017) Edwin Henderson (2016) Lou Mixon (1991)
Gary Bell (2003) Stacy Henderson (2019) Larry Moon (1997)
James Bennett Judy Henson Philip Moon (1997)
Nell Bennett Gary Hix Lori Morgan
Rudy Bennett (1991) Bealinda Holloman (2006) Dave Mueller
Mallard Benton (2003) Tom Holloman Paula Murray (2004)
Lorrie Bethel (2014) Rick Hyman Larry Nash
Bernie Beumer (1999) Sarah Hyman Linda Nealy (2008)
Al Bingham (2000) Alan Hytowitz (2003) Jerry Oberholtzer (2004)
Ben Bird Forrest Jackson (2000) Joe Odom (2013)
Pete Blankenship (1994) Bruce Johnson (2011) Deborah O'Shield
H. B. Bowers Steve Joiner Paul O'Shield (1992)
Lane Bridges James Jones Rick Owens (1995)
James Briscoe June Jones (1994) Ron Owens (1996)
Don Burress David Jordan (2014) Warren Parsons (2006)
Ranny Burts (2007) Donna Kaplan (2009) Micki Pawlowski (2019)
Lynn Butler (2009) Jack Kelly (1993) Georgia Pharr
Tom Chamberlin McK King (2007) David Piper (2006)
Allison Chamblee (2019) Debbie Kissel (2002) Beverly Price (2018)
Denise Coburn (2009) Craig Knowlton (2018) Richard Prussing (1998)
Earl Collins (2017) Adam Kotter (2014) William Rambow (2007)
Ken Cook Roger Kurth (2012) Al Rosado (2005)
Tom Cooper Mark Lacy (2001) Michael Rotjan (2007)
Gwen Cordner (1996) Ray Lampros (2015) Patricia Shapiro (2006)
Jerry Cox (2004) Jeff Lee (2009) Angie Shaw (1995)
Herb Dalton Ned Lenhart (2011) David Shaw (1995)
Nancy Daniel Jean Locke (2010) Martha Shores (1993)
Owen Daniel Gary Lohsen Wayne Sikes (1997)
Regina Dippel (2015) Woody Lott (1997) Simmie Slay (2003)
Scott Dippel (2013) Don Lowe (2011) Bob Speakman
Robby Dittmann (2000) Rosanne Lowe (2014) Donna Statton (2005)
John Dollar (2001) Larry Lynn (1992) Grant Stout (2004)
Michelle Dorminey (2012) Dan Maloney (2007) Jim Taylor
Ed Draher (2008) Judy Martin Lynn Thompson (2012)
Mandy Dysart (2002) James Mason (2000) Tim Thompson (2004)
Mike Dzvonik (1998) Traci Matthews (2010) Bill Underwood (2018)
Don Farrington (2010) Don Maxey Mike Vance (2001)
Tom Ferrin (1994) Amy McCarty (2005) Jack Wade
Larry Finney Don McCarty (2010) Dennis Walker (2001)
Betty Forrester Kevin McClure (2016) Lynne Walker (2002)
Jerry Forrester Bob McCoy (1994) Alan Lee Watkins (1999)
Elaine Foster (2007) Dick McCracken (1998) Mark White (1998)
Hans Friedrichsen Wayne McCullough Terry Wolf (1999)
Kathie Furuglyas (2015) Chrissy McFadden (2011) Carter Wood (BC)
Bill Gilman (2008) Terry McGarey (2005) Darrell Yoder (2013)
Marsha Godwin David McGinnis (2012) David Zona (2016)


Scouter of the Year Awards


Cub Scout Leader of the Year
Lisa Abercrombie (2014) Jessie Harper (2019) Micki Pawlowski (2017)
Lorrie Bethel (2012) Barbara Harsh-Cushing (2004) Beverly Price (2017)
Lynn Butler (2008) Donna Kaplan (2006) Joel Rivera (2016)
Matthew Carr (2018) Debbie Kennedy (2009) Mary Robertson (2011)
Allison Chamblee (2018) Arus Kinney (2015) Michael Rotjan (2007)
Michelle Dorminey (2010) Bonnie Knowlton (2014) Matt Speed (2013)
Kurt Foster (2016) Linda Nealy (2005) David Zona (2015)


Cubmaster of the Year
Dean Abercrombie (2012) Andrew Dunn (2018) Jessie Joyner (2019)
Earl Collins (2014) Michael Hanners (2013) Lisa Wojciechowski (2017)
Mark Dippel (2015) Todd Hendrick (2016)  


Scouts BSA Leader of the Year
Scott Allen (2018) Christine Christopher (2017) Joe Odom (2012)
Chip Beckham (2016) Becky Knake (2013) Trent Spake (2019)
Mike Child (2014) Dave Mattson (2015)  


Scoutmaster of the Year
Joe Ashby (2009) David Cowan (2011) Roger Kurth (2010)
Ted Barfield (2008) Keith Dorminey (2012) Paul Richardson (2018)
Thom Batchelder (2003) Shuaib Hanief (2017) Danny Staton (2006)
Bearnie Beamer (2007) David Jordan (2013) David Thompson (2004)
Donnie Burress (2005) Emmitt King (2014) Todd Treadwell (2015)
Alan Burton (2016) Bonnie Knowlton (2019)  


Rookie of the Year
Cheyenne Abercrombie (2015) Matt Kaswinkel (2013) Gina Sharp (2018)
Emily Cooper (2017) Heather Klaiber (2019) David Thompson (2018)
Andre Copeland (2014) Tabitha McFarland (2019) Todd Treadwell (2012)
Ashbea Day (2014) Emlyn Murphy (2019) Virginia Zimmerman (2016)
Andrew Dunn (2017) Liz Murphy (2019)  


Godsend Award

The Godsend is a unit level award for parents and leaders. We know that behind every successful Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Pack or Troop Committee there are many others who work to make a difference in the unit. This award was created in 2017 so that you can properly recognize them for all their hard work.

Godsend Award
Scott Allen, T504 (2018) Lisa Greenhaw, T499 (2019) Joel Rivera, P596 (2017)
Kim Baker, T5231 (2019) Doug Gulley, T588 (2019) Patricia Roberts Williams, P536 (2018)
Allison Chamblee, P100 (2018) Jennifer Lancaster, P1737 (2018) Kristin Spake, T5506 (2019)
Will DeShazer, P231 (2019) Matt McKenny, T504 (2019) Laura and Andrew Stickell, T504 (2017)
Andrew Dunn, P50 (2017) Lisa Morris, T548 (2017) Bill Underwood, T535 (2017)
Rebecca Friedrichs, P571 (2017) Scott Mulkey, T506 (2019) Karen Williams, T231 (2019)



Special Awards

These awards are given by Sweetwater District Leadership as special thanks for significant contributions to the Sweetwater District over an extended period of time. Only the District Chairman's Award is given annually.

Legend Award
Don Maxey (2014) Tom Holloman (2019)


Outstanding Leader of the Year
Cynthia Foster (2016)


District Chairman's Award
Cindi Brake (2018) Stacy Henderson (2018) Craig Knowlton (2019)
Ranny Burts (2014) Bealinda Holloman (2016) Kevin McClure (2017)
Denise Coburn (2010) Tom Holloman (2015) OA Lau-in-nih Chapter (2012)
Michelle Dorminey (2013) Donna Kaplan (2011)