SW Eagle Scout Candidates

The Eagle Scout Award. It’s Scouting’s highest rank and among its most familiar icons. Men who have earned it count it among their most treasured possessions. Now young men and young women have the opportunity to wear this honor for their entire lives.

Achieving this rank is not easy. It's not intended to be. You must work hard, show your courage, and exercise the skills you learned along the way. You are not alone on this journey. You have your parents, your fellow scouts, and a dedicated Eagle Project Coach, in addition to the adult leaders in your Troop who helped get you here. Use these resources!

Important Notice: New Eagle Rank Application. All Eagle Scout candidates starting a new Eagle Scout Rank Application (new means no signatures so far), MUST use the new 2020 version of the application, available via the link below. Earlier versions of the form with signatures dated after February 29th 2020, risk being turned away to restart the form.

Tutorials Available!

This series of three videos provide a complete tutorial on completing your Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook from the Proposal thru the final report.

ESSP Tutorial Part 1- The Proposal

ESSP Tutorial Part 2

ESSP Tutorial Part 3

Follow all steps carefully.

First- Read the Northeast Georgia Council Eagle Scout Guidelines and Resources page.  (link below) Once you are done, click the "Procedures by District" link and select "Sweetwater" or jusk click the back button in your browser to come back to this page for remaining steps which are specific to you in your district.
Northeast Georgia Council Eagle Scout Guidelines and Resources


Second- Click here to download Sweetwater District Eagle Scout Project and Board of Review information - Updated August 2019. Here you will find information to help you fill out your project workbook Contact Information page "B"

Important Note: All Eagle Scout Service Project Proposals are reviewed in person by a panel. This occurs on the same date and at the same location as Eagle Boards of Review (EBOR) each month. The cutoff date for submission is one week before the published EBOR date. Scouts wishing to submit a proposal for review should send a copy of the proposal and related pictures, along with a scan or picture of the signature page to Sweetwater ESSP Chair, Craig Knowlton  (sweetwateressp@gmail.com) to have your project review scheduled. You must have an appointment to be reviewed.


Third- Once you have completed your project, and all of the other requirements leading up to your board of review, you should check this list to make sure your workbook is ready for submission. All work MUST be completed prior to your 18th birthday.


  1. Documentation required to be scheduled for your Eagle Scout Board of Review.
  2. Eagle Scout Application for youth who completed requirements ON OR AFTER July 1, 2022
  3. Candidates may also consult the National website Eagle Rank Requirements and the National Eagle Scout Association website (www.nesa.org) for additional resources and information.
  4. It takes about one to two weeks to process your application and get scheduled. Late submissions will be scheduled the following month. You will receive an email from the Eagle Board Chairman. You must reply to confirm your appointment.