Etowah Recognition

Square Knots - Meaning and Placement

From Boy Scout Trail Knots...

"The square knot device is displayed on the uniform to denote that the wearer has received the corresponding award. The award is usually in the form of a certificate and many awards also include a medallion or other momento.

A knot emblem does have left and right sides. The rope loop over the rope ends always is to the wearer's right. The diagram here shows how the knots would look to someone looking at the shirt. The knot images on the rest of this page all show the correct knot direction.

The square knots are to be worn centered directly above the left shirt pocket. The first knot should be placed with its bottom edge touching the top seam of the pocket flap. The next two knots are placed on both sides of the first knot in a straight row of three knots. Additional knots are placed directly above the first row with bottom edge touching top edge of the existing knots.

From the diagram, you can see that as additional knots are earned, single and double knots on a row need to be resewn. For this reason, some people prefer to place knots right-justified with the pocket edge."

Please visit Boy Scout Trail Knots for a great list of knots and their criteria.

District Award of Merit Recipients

2023: Kathy Blackford-Knox, Kati Higgins, Larry Lorence
2022: Cameron Sutherland, Justin Taylor
2021: Jim Henderson, David Norman
2019: Marcia Bettich, Mark O Weiss
2018: Carol Claramunt
2017: Graham McGeehee, Johnathan McGowan
2016: Jack Crocker, Nichole Hernandez, Rob Osterwise
2015: Ken Cappon, Sara Creager, Allen Norris, Rebecca Warner
2014: Julia Murray, Bill Talbot, Andy Whaley
2013: Susie Barnicoat, Deliah Gravitt, Milan Wallace
2012: Russana Dudley, Marc Ferrara, Neil Funk, Mark Pouncey
2011: Brad Brown, Tim Gangwish
2010: Jim Holder, An Roberts, Brian Warner, David Waggoman
2009: Ken Gross, Shawn Lafave, Randy Watson
2008: Patrick Bell, Tom Dillon, Stefani Little
2007: David Doust, Mike Honiker, Dr. David Miller, Greg Willis
2006: Leigh Johnson, Lon Phillips, Rick Weber
2005: Tom French, Carol Moore
2004: Dennis Barger, Laura Chappell, Colby Strom, Brent Tucker
2003: Duane Fisher, Rick Folea, Darrell Holmes, Mark Moffit
2002: Bruce Kastner, Jerry Johnson, Jerry Long
2001: Barbara Kastner, Danette Little
1999: Ross Statham
1998: Doug King
1997: Vicki Hart, Mike Smith
1996: Mike Scarce, Chuck Treadway
1993: Tony Allen
1992: Jim Scully
1989: Rich Truax
1987: Larry Hill, Tricia Truax