BSA Winterfest

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We regret to announce that Winterfest 2022 will not move forward in February. We know this is disappointing news and the decision was not made lightly. There are many factors that went into it including the BSA bankruptcy, the effect COVID-19 has taken on our councils and the program, and the loss of units that otherwise may have attended Winterfest.

We hope to be back in 2023 and encourage you to watch for announcements on our Facebook page.


Announcements and Emergency Information


We have set up text alerts through Remind to help you stay informed.

Text the appropriate code below to 81010:

  • Winterfest Law Enf Explorers @bsawf3
  • Winterfest Venturers @bsawf2
  • Wintefest Fire/EMS Explorers @bsawf1
  • Winterfest Explorers (not mentioned above) @bsawf4
  • Winterfest (general) @bsawf8

We will also post announcements on Facebook during the event.


Other emergency sites which may be of interest:


And make sure to check out our YouTube Channel or our Facebook page for other videos and photos.