Cherokee Contacts


District Leadership


 Greg Schultz  District Director    
 J. J. Thomas   District Executive    
 Nat Carmack  District Chairman    
 Jim Sweeney  District Commissioner    
 Barbara Galvond    Vice Chair of Finance    
 John Doyle  Vice Chair of Program    
 Tomas Ramirez    Vice Chair of Membership    


District Committee Members


 Diane Anderson  Member-at-Large & Roundtable Commissioner (Boy Scouts)     
 DeAnna Bedard  Member-at-Large & Fall Family Camping Co-Chair    
 Steve Briley  Member-at-Large     
 Michelle Chapeau    Member-at-Large & Advancement Chair     
 Katie Davenport  Member-at-Large  
 Andrew Fair  Member-at-Large  
 Brad Feilmeier    Member-at-Large & Duty to God Weekend Chair    
 Tony Flores    Member-at-Large    
 Amy Haley    Member-at-Large & Cub Scout Activities Chair     
 Chuck Hanna  Member-at-Large  
 Andy Holingsworth    Member-at-Large & Roundtable Commissioner (Cub Scouts)   
 Tom Holmes    Member-at-Large   
 Brett Iley    Member-at-Large & Boy Scouts Activities Chair    
 Tommy Jackson   Member-at-Large & Winter Lock-In Chair    
 David Kaye  Member-at-Large  
 Kathleen Lepain   Member-at-Large    
 Jeff Lightsey    Member-at-Large    
 Sam Massey    Member-at-Large    
 Tim Penning    Member-at-Large & Webmaster    
 Ginny Poole    Member-at-Large & Training Chair    
 Bob Ratajczak  Member-at-Large  
 Jason Roth    Member-at-Large & Venturing Chair     
 Jeff Simpson    Member-at-Large & Unit Commissioner    
 Randy Smith    Member-at-Large & Eagle Board Chair    
 Jimmy Stokes  Member-at-Large  
 Austin Suggs  Member-at-Large  
 Jacob Taylor   Member-at-Large    
 Isaac Thomas  Member-at-Large  
 Zach VanHessen  Member-at-Large  
 Jon Willette    Member-at-Large     
 Joe Wyrick  Member-at-Large  


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