Apalachee Civic Service

Service Ideas

Gwinnett County McDaniel Farm Park
Planting Festival

3020 McDaniel Road, Duluth, GA 30096

Goal is to have cotton as part of the interpretive theme at McDaniel Farm Park. Volunteers will assist in preparing the cotton rows with newspaper and mulch to prevent weeds. Then you will have the opportunity to assist in the planting the interpretive cotton field.

Volunteers should come dressed in comfortable clothing and shoes. You will get a bit dirty. Bring water bottles. Tools will be provide. A tour of the farm will be provided to volunteers at the conclusion.

When: Saturday May 4, 2019

9:00 am – noon

Please contact civic service chairman if you are interested in attending. Will need to know approx. number of people and approx. age range

Our annual day of service will be on May 11th at the GHEC.  Crews can work anytime between 8-4.  We prefer you to do at least a 2 hour shift.  If interested in taking part, please sign up by April 10th so that we can plan crews and projects.  Need to know your unit number, age group and about how many participants and a contact name and email.  Notify the Civic Service Chair using the link on the right.  Camping is also available Friday and/or Saturday night for those interested.  Please let the Civic Service Chair.

Interested in working with the Parks and Rec on a quarterly basis.

Commit to working for a 2 year period and you can plan quarterly work projects with the park you adopted.  Always know what you will be doing, work with the same people each quarter, plan your date and time.

 If interested, contact the Parks and Rec at volunteerinparks@gwinnettcounty.com

Or contact Tania Ballou at 678-277-0903


Gwinnett County Parks & Rec Plan a Project

Interested in working with the Parks and Rec for a Day Of Service Project

With advance notice, they can tailor a project to your group size and age. 

 If interested, contact the Parks and Rec at volunteerinparks@gwinnettcounty.com

Or contact Tania Ballou at 678-277-0903


1800 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA 30097

To make arrangements or question:
Contact Mona Hoffman


Concrete Jungle

Picks neglected produce from all over Atlanta and donates to homeless shelters and food banks
Pick fruit May - Dec

Storm Drain Stenciling Project

For more information about Adopt-A-Stream or to volunteer please email Brian.Sterner@gwinnettcounty.com.

Water Pollution

In Gwinnett County all stormdrains lead to streams, that means any pollution that falls on your yard, sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, or road could get washed right into a stream the next time it rains. This includes oil and antifreeze from cars, cigarette butts, and grass clippings.
The County provides stenciling supplies to volunteer groups to label storm drains. Supplies include stencils, paint, gloves, and maps of drains.