Apalachee Adult Award Nominations

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to serve the youth in the Apalachee District?

Then nominate them for one of the three awards being presented at the Apalachee Adult Volunteer Recognition Banquet in January.

Nominations are now being accepted for Cub Scout Leader of the Year, Scout BSA Leader of the Year, Cubmaster of the Year, Scoutmaster of the Year, and District Award of Merit. Please use the nomination form and complete it for each and every Scouter you know that goes the extra mile for Scouts in our District.  Nomination deadline is December 31st, 2019. 

Options for submitting a nomination:

  1. Use the inline registration form below
  2. or click here to go to the form directly: https://forms.gle/DPJofKu2N1SRaSfk8  

Lists of Previous Apalachee District Honorees:

Cub Leader of the Year

2002: Denise Huffman 2003: Amelia Ginn 2004: Tina Parrish 2005: Hope Curtis
2006: Robert Ginn 2007: Colin Atnip 2008: Norwood Davis 2009: Amanda Newton
2010: Bob Wiggs  2011: Sandee Fricks 2012: Jay Fox 2013: Todd Galucki
2014: Lane Bailey 2015: Carisa Lindsay 2016: Frank Troncalli 2017: Robert Marsh
2018: Chris Rivard 2019: Destiny Mirenda 2020:   

Cubmaster of the Year

2017: Steven Shuster 2018: Danielle Bass 2019: John Alford 2020:

Scouts BSA Leader of the Year

2017: Barbara Sweitzer 2018: Alan Davis 2019: Tom Prichard 2020:  

Scoutmaster of the Year

2002: Tom Young  2003: Tom Waggoner 2004: Andy Chappina 2005: Paul Rossetti
2006: Jerry Rioux  2007: Tom Boland 2008: Jim Backstrom 2009: Bill Landers
2010: David Brancolini 2011: Britt Bramblett 2012: Bill Faulkinberry 2013: Charles Daniels
2014: Jim Corbett 2015: David Moore 2016: Van Holbrooks 2017: Richard Blomgren
2018: Brent Dodson 2019: Jim Loring 2020:  

Chairman's Award

2008: Anna Hall  2009: Will Strother 2010: Al Watkins 2011: Doug Beard
2012: Rich Feggeler 2013: Annie Lewis 2014: Michael Lorenz 2015: Ed Fraley
2016: Steve Back 2017: Tandy Krajec 2018: Gail Bailey 2019: Nicole Davis

 Scouter of the Year (Discontinued)

2011: Suzi Wiggs 2012: Ray Back 2013: Mike Hyde  

Commissioner of the Year

2011: Charles Daniels 2012: Steve Back 2013: Ron Bass 2014: Anna Hall
2015: Ed Fleeson 2016: Brandon Wernli 2017: Kent Griffiths 2018: Jay Boone


District Award of Merit 

Al Watkins Amanda Peyton Andy Chappina Anna Hall Ben Peoples
Bob King Bob Wiggs Britt Bramblett Charles Daniels Charles Frazier
Chris Ball Chris Fraley Chris Reese Christine Burrell Christine Soler
Chuck Hoover Craig Pett Danielle Bass Darrell Odell Dave Morrison
David Watson-Jones Denise Huffman Doug Beard Ed Fleeson Ed Fraley
Ed Wiley Eldon Sherwood Emily Abbott Eric Logsdon Gail Bailey
George Louth Grace Waszczak Hope Curtis Janice Fincher Jason Boone
Jason Hurd Jason Jardina Jay Fox Jerry Rioux Jim Adams
Jim Backstrom Jim Loring Jim McKenna Jim Pearce Joe Lyons
Joe McClendon Joe Metzger John Spencer John Waszczak Judy Martin
Kathy Corbett Lee Payne Liz Young Lloyd Goldsmith Michael Lorenz
Mike Dzvonik Mike Hyde Mike Kingry Nathan Fink Nicole Davis
Norwood Davis Patty Talarek Paul Villancourt Phil Howey Phil Krajec
Ray Back Rich Feggeler Robert Doehling Ron Bass Sam Harrison
Steve Back Steve Francis Steve Joiner Steve Winterton Suzi Wiggs
Tandy Krajec Tim Green Tim Kenyon Tom Boland Tom Fletcher
Tom Reed Tom Young Tracy Chisnell Vanessa Blevins Virginia Smith
Will Strother Terrell Tuten Sharon Chalmers Sandi Wilbourn