Advancement Contacts


Council Advancement Committee

Council Chairman Charles Daniels
Council Eagle Issues Chris Fraley
BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Program Donna Kaplan
Lifesaving & Meritorious Action Awards Charles Daniels
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Tim Green
Special Needs Advisory Committee Chair Marcia Bettich

Meet Your District Advancement Chair Contacts

Access to your District advancement chair is just a click away!

Find your district in the table below and click on the district’s advancement chair’s name to send them an email.  Wow … that was easy!

Apalachee Chris Fraley
Chattahoochee Andy Yother
Cherokee Michelle Chapeau
Currahee Jessie Jones
Etowah Kathy Blackford-Knox
Mountain Ruth Bramblett
Sweetwater Bart Alcorn
Venturing Anna Hall

Meet the NEGA Special Needs Advisory Committee:

We are your go-to source for information, help and resources for all things related to Scouting with Special Needs. Please reach out to your District’s Committee Member for any assistance you need – we are here for you and your Scouts!

If you have any questions please contact:
Marcia Bettich
NEGA Special Needs Advisory Committee Chair

Chairperson Marcia Bettich
Apalachee Aniko Brewer
Ronnie Mirenda
Chattahoochee Jeremy Haight
Cherokee Tim Penning
Tony Flores
Currahee Anita Joslyn
Etowah Tina Stevens
Travis Wilson
Mountain Laura Scott
Sweetwater Matt Schoen
Denise Coburn