Cherokee Family Enrollment Kickoff


Dec 13, 2018 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm



St. Stephen's Anglican Church
800 Timothy Road
Athens, GA 30606


What is Family Enrollment?

          Family Enrollment is where those families and leaders that participate in the scouting program are given an opportunity to financially support scouting.  This money is a vital part of our council’s annual Friends of Scouting Campaign where we raise approximately 25% of the money that we need to operate each year. (To access the event flyer, CLICK HERE.)

            This money helps us to provide two Scout Service Centers where parents and volunteers can purchase their scout supplies, rather than having to go to Atlanta or order them through the mail (although our service centers will also ship items to you if desired).  It also provides much of the money that is needed to maintain our three camp properties that we have been blessed with so that they are great places for our families and scouts to visit and enjoy.

            Lastly, this money is what enables us to provide our Specific Assistance Program.  This is our Council’s Financial Assistance program that allows us to make scouting available to many families that would not otherwise be able to afford it.  By providing scholarships for summer camps, registration fees, and helping with uniforms and handbooks.

What can your Unit do to help?

          As soon as your Unit has scheduled its Blue and Gold Banquet or Court of Honor for this coming fall or next spring, let your District Executive know so that they can plan to have someone present to do a Family Enrollment presentation.  This only takes about 5 minutes of your meeting's time and accomplishes so much in helping us to grow and support scouting.

            Your Unit also needs to select a Family Enrollment Representative to act as a liaison with the District.   

Once this person has been selected, please use the form below to register the representative for your unit.