BSA Winterfest - 2018 Event Results

Missed your standings on Saturday night?  Check below to find out how your unit placed.  Note that for the safety of our youth we have only listed a first initial and last name. Names were not provided for all events but were for a select few where only one Explorer participated. If you need to know which Explorer participated in an event from your post please contact us by sending a private message through Facebook.


Click here to browse through the photos from the weekend. Password is JointheFun.

File Name Description
2020 awards placement Download
2020 Law Enforcement Download
Fire-EMS-Results-2018.pdf Download
HIGH-RISE-TIMES-Winterfest-2018.pdf Download
Law-Enforcement-Scores-2018-part-1.pdf Download
Law-Enforcement-Scores-2018-part-2.pdf Download
Rapid-Dress-Ind-redacted-2018.pdf Download
Rapid-Dress-Team-Results-2018.pdf Download
Triple-Lay-Results-2018.pdf Download
Winterfest-Event-Results-Responses-2018.pdf Download