BSA Winterfest - Events

Winterfest is taking place in Gatlinburg February 7 – 9, 2020

Your unit will experience an exciting weekend of competition unmatched by any other event in the United States!

The 2020 Event Guide is now available

  • The Event Guide can be downloaded here: pdf
  • The Forensic Fingerprinting - Training Slides can be downloaded here: pdfpptx
  • Click here for the 2020 Pocket Guide

Note: We intentionally “over program” Winterfest so your youth cannot do everything that is offered. This keeps the interest level high among youth across multiple years – our goal is for your youth to participate several years in a row!

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Click on your link below or text your code to 81010:

  • Winterfest Law Enf Explorers @bsawf3
  • Winterfest Venturers @bsawf2
  • Wintefest Fire/EMS Explorers @bsawf1
  • Winterfest Explorers (not mentioned above) @bsawf4

We look forward to having you at Winterfest.  Contact us at the Northeast Georgia Council if you have additional questions.

File Name Description
All Events, Top Placements - 2020 Results Download
F/E Bleeding Wounds and Shock - 2020 Results Download
F/E Cardiac Arrest Competition - 2020 Results Download
F/E Cherokee Drill - 2020 Results Download
F/E Fire 3 events Download
F/E Medical Competition - 2020 Results Download
F/E Rapid Rescue - 2020 Results Download
F/E Trauma Competition - 2020 Results Download
LE Domestic Violence Scene - 2020 Results Download
LE Domestic Violence Trial - 2020 Results Download
LE Employment Interview - 2020 Results Download
LE Law Enforcements Scores - 2020 Results Download
LE Tactical Challenge - 2020 Results Download