BSA Winterfest - Code of Conduct

The general welfare of any group depends on the conduct of its individual members.  This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure the success of the conference and provide maximum enjoyment and safety of all participants.

1.         The group leader (adult advisor) shall, with the full cooperation of the Explorers, Venturers, Sea Scouts or Boy Scouts, be responsible for maintaining discipline, security, and the standards outlined in this Code of Conduct.

2.        All participants are expected to set a good example by being properly dressed and presentable at all times.

3.        In consideration of others, all youth are expected to be in their own rooms and quiet by 1 AM. They are not to leave their rooms again before 6 AM.

4.        Each Unit or Participant is personally responsible for breakage, damage, or loss of property. Explorer Posts, Venture Crews, Ships or Scout Troops will be charged for damage not covered by individual members. Loss of personal articles is not the responsibility of the hotel, conference staff, or the Boy Scouts of America, or their agents or representatives.

5.        Each Explorer, Venturer, Sea Scout or Boy Scout will allow no unregistered person to occupy their room, or visit in same (including local area residents.)

6.        All participants will respect the rule prohibiting use of private automobiles during the conference, unless you have permission from an advisor or area adult leadership.

7.         Each Explorer, Venturer, Sea Scout or Boy Scout understands that the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs at the conference will not be allowed. This standard shall apply to all participants--youth and adults.

8.        Hotel Bills: Charge of extra meals, TV movies, and phone calls from your room is not permitted.

9.        Fireworks of any type are strictly prohibited.

10.      The Gatlinburg Winterfest youth chairs, in conjunction with the Winterfest Volunteer Chair shall serve as a review panel with regards to any serious violation of the Code of Conduct. Conference staff reserves the right to send any youth home for violation of this Code of Conduct. Any decision of the review panel is final.

11.       Everyone is expected to act appropriately at all times, including appropriate dance behavior during both dances.

Serious discipline breaches are subject to review by the Winterfest Executive Staff, who reserve the right to take appropriate action, including but not limited to asking the involved persons to leave the conference.

I have read the above rules and agree to observe them fully.


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*Each Post, Crew, Ship, or Troop needs to keep these sheets with them. Do not submit to Council Office.


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