Scoutland Cub Summer Camp

2020's Theme is Space!


Formerly known as Scoutland Adventure Camp!


Four Sessions are available for the 2020 season!


#1 July 5 - 8          #2 July 8 - 11

#3 July 12 - 15      #4 July 15 - 18


Spend 4 days and 3 nights at Scoutland on Lake Lanier, near Gainesville, GA. Days are packed with fun and nights are spent under the stars. Your meals will be served in the air-conditioned camp dining hall and you will bunk in a two-person tent with another Scout or your parent. Hot showers and flush toilets are available in the Camp shower house. There are separate facilities for men, women, boys and girls. We offer four sessions of camp during the month of July. The camp maintains a full-time health facility and provides a certified aquatics instructor, trained shooting sports personnel, as well as a full-time qualified staff.


Cubland Program

Cub Scouts entering first, second, or third grade (will be a Tiger, Wolf, Bear) in the fall of 2020 can swim, hike, learn handicrafts, and much more. What a great time for Scouts and their parent to spend together in the great outdoors this summer! Parents will accompany Scouts to ALL Activities.


Lanier Canoe Base Program

Cub Scouts entering fourth grade (will be a Webelos) in the fall of 2020 receive a special introduction to Scouts BSA. Scouts will participate in eight adventures. Parents will accompany Scouts to All Activities. Webelos can shoot air rifles at Scoutland Adventure camp also. 

Cub Scouts entering the fifth grade (will be an Arrow of Light) in the fall of 2020 will participate in the Outback Adventure(Outdoor Adventure). Scouts choose to attend as a Scout/Parent team (parents accompany Scouts to All Activities) or as a Patrol (1 Scout and 1 Parent; or 2-4 Scouts and 2 adults; or 5-8 Scouts and 3 adults). This experience will include the basics of canoe safety, safe swim defense, safety afloat, Leave No Trace Awareness, setting up camp, and introductory Scout Skills. Participants will cook at least three meals with food and equipment provided by Scoutland. Scouts and Adults who have passed the Scout Swim Test will canoe to the Outback Adventure Patrol site while non-swimmers and beginners will be transported to the patrol site by boat.  All equipment will be transported to the site for you, so minimal gear is required. Showers are not available at the Outback Adventure site; however, port-o-potties will be available. Scouts sleep in tents they bring.  Leaders and parents please review Water Safety, pages 128-129, in the Cub Scout Leaders Book #620569.


WEBELOS Only– Your Webelos/Parent team or patrol will be able to choose eight (8) Adventures.


  • Adventures In Science – Be a Mad Scientist and participate in amazing experiments!

  • Aquanaut – Swimming skills are important! Enjoy the dock and swimming area at Lake Lanier! Be prepared to take a Swim Test. Still learning to swim? In this session, we offer beginner swimming instruction.
  • Archery – Learn the techniques and skills needed to hit the mark! Trained instructors teach archery.
  • Aware & Care – Participate in activities that develop an awareness of individuals with disabilities.
  • BB Shooting –Shoot BB Guns on the range built just for Cub Scouts! Trained instructors teach this Adventure.
  • Build It – Tools are fun & making things can be great! Learn the proper use of tools and leave with an item you make.
  • Cast Away – An Adventure with fire building skills, tent pitching, and the use of knots in camp. Cook a meal over a campfire.
  • Earth Rocks – This program Rocks! Learn about Earth’s deepest secrets:  rocks, minerals, and fossils, how they are formed and their uses.
  • Into The Woods – Explore the woods to identify trees and plants. Learn about forestry and how to judge the age of a tree.
  • Into The Wild – Discover the wonder of nature at Scoutland. Participate in a nature project, learn about birds, snakes, & bugs!



Although the days are packed with activities, there will be FREE time for swimming, archery, BB’s, fishing, and other activities. You will select free time activities after the Parents’/Leaders’ meeting on the day you arrive at Camp. These will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis based on availability. You may not be able to take advantage of all free time activities. 

  • Fort Adventure – Climb, slide, crawl, and swing at the Cub Scout Activity Grounds, one of the BEST playgrounds around!
  • Volleyball – Always a popular sport! Learn the game.
  • Nature Hike – Hike this short trail and identify local flora and fauna.
  • Fishing – Take the challenge and try your luck for some great fishing. Learn the skills to land the big one. (Bring your own gear and bait. Anyone 16 or older must have a valid Georgia fishing license to fish at Lake Lanier).
  • Archery & BB Shooting! – Put to use those techniques and skills you have learned while having fun! Always a favorite!
  • Swimming – Enjoy the swimming area and dock! Swim tests will be conducted for all campers on the first day of camp.
  • Ultimate – A camp favorite! A fast-paced Frisbee team sport.
  • Compass Course – Learn the basic compass skills by navigating from one point to the next.

Arrow of Light Patrol Coordinator’s Guide Scoutland Adventure Camp

Cub Scout Camping with their Patrol

Scouts in your Patrol entering the 5th grade in the fall of 2020 can attend Scoutland Adventure Camp as a group. If you plan on attending Scoutland Adventure Camp as a Patrol, there are some important things you need to consider:

Each Patrol must provide its own leadership while at Scoutland Adventure Camp. Volunteers do not have to be registered leaders with the Boy Scouts of America. A parent of a Scout is acceptable; however, each Patrol MUST be accompanied by at least two (2) adults.

Leadership criteria is:

# of Scouts in Patrol Leaders Required # of Scouts in Patrol Leaders Required
1 Scout 1 Parent 5 – 8 Scouts 3 Adults
2 – 4 Scouts 2 Adults 9 – 12 Scouts 4 Adults



It is up to the Patrol Coordinator to communicate with the Scouts/Parents regarding the details of your Camp Session.

  • Date and time of camp travel arrangements
  • Equipment list
  • Collection Health Forms

Campsite assignments, meal tickets and class location lists will be issued at check-in. Adventure schedules, patches, and t-shirts will be given out at the Leaders’ meeting. This is usually held on the first night of camp.



Scoutland Adventure Camp will be conducted rain or shine. Registration fee is transferable, but not refundable. All requests for transfers must be made in writing to Scoutland Cub Summer Camp Director, PO Box 399, Jefferson, GA 30549.



The camp maintains a full-time health facility. Please attach any special physical or medical needs to the participant’s registration form. Any required medication must be checked in with the Health Office upon arrival to camp. All medications must be in the original container, marked clearly with the patient’s name and dosage and be noted on the health form.

Everyone attending camp, both youth participants & adult leaders or parents, must bring to camp a completed Health and Medical Form #680-001 Parts A and B that can be found on the council website and in each of the Council Service Centers. Health forms will be collected at check-in on the first day of camp. This form does not have to be completed by a physician. These forms will not be returned to you so please do not submit originals. PEASE DO NOT MAIL HEALTH FORMS.

Scouts and adults who are participating in the Outback Adventure and have passed the Scout swim test will canoe to the Outback Adventure Patrol site while beginners and non-swimmers will be transported to the patrol site by boat. Requirements to be considered a swimmer can be reviewed on pages 128-129 of the Cub Scout Leader Book #620569. All equipment will be transported to the site for you, so you will only be taking minimal gear for this overnight experience.



Youth Early Registration $105 on or before June 8, 2020

Youth Regular Registration $120 after June 8, 2020

Adults Early $75 on or before June 8, 2020

Adults Regular $85 after June 8, 2020

Register Early and Save!


Note: T-shirts are guaranteed with early registration ONLY. Registration received after June 8th ARE NOT guaranteed a T-shirt.



  • All adults and youth will take a swim test as part of the check-in process.    Please come prepared.  If any Scout should not participate in water activities, parents should attach a letter to his/her Health and Medical Form stating reason for non-participation.
  • Guest meals available for visitors for $6.  Money is collected at camp during check-in.
  • Meal tickets, campsite assignments, and activity location list will be distributed at check-in.
  • T-shirts, patches and schedules for overnight camps will be distributed at the Parents/Leaders meeting.  This meeting is usually held on the first night of camp.
  • A Trading Post and Snack Shack is available to accommodate your souvenir and sweet tooth needs.
  • A staff member will inspect your campsite before you leave.
  • All vehicle or trailers must park only in designated locations and will not be allowed to park at your campsite.
  • No pets are allowed on camp property.
  • Scouts and leaders should wear the official Scout uniform when traveling to and from camp, at flag lowering, dinner, and all-camp campfires. 
  • Scouts may wear an activity uniform (shorts and T-shirt) during the day.
  • So that we can provide Scoutland Adventure Camp to as many Scouts as possible, there are no facilities or programs for siblings, regardless of age. There will be a $75 cost for siblings.




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