Great Escape


Join other Exploring & Venturing Crews while having a fun and relaxing time at Northeast Georgia's premier camping and outdoor facility Rainey Mountain.  Take a short trail hike to “Big Rock”, learn or practice archery or shooting, compete in the cardboard boat regatta, see if you can catch the most or biggest fish, or just have some fun down time with friends at the lake in kayaks or on paddle boards.  In the evening you can challenge each other to many different board games as you will also get to screen your own souvenir Great Escape T-shirt (you bring the shirt).  This is your time to escape and re-charge before returning to a new school year.

Youth Protection Required 18 & older.


$35 per youth $25 adult:  Camping, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Breakfast, Shooting, & Screening materials. 

Bring a Fun Spirit!!!  & Saturday Sack Lunch, your own shirt to screen ( light colors 50/50 blend works best), Boat Building Supplies. 

Call Out Challenges

Attention all:  If you want to challenge another Exploring Post or Venturing Crew in an activity, encourage them to be there for the challenge.  Ideas of challenges can be:  Canoe Battleship (where you sink the others with buckets of water), Kayak Tug-a-War, Kayak Football, Canoe Swamping & Un-swamping, or Best Shot in Archery or Shooting.    Let us know about the challenge and we will post the challenges.  Thank you!


Saturday July 25th

9-12     Check-in:  Admin Building

10        Welcome Announcements  Drop Gear in Camp Site   

11         Start Building Cardboard Boats using Cardboard provided.       

You bring:  Duct Tape, Paint, Box Cutters & Decorations (paint must be dry to race).

12-1 Lunch:  Bring Your Own!

1-5 Afternoon Activities:  Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Swimming, Canoes, Fishing, Hikes, & Finish Cardboard Boats.

3pm Cardboard Boat Race!

6pm Fiesta Taco Dinner

7pm Required Gun Safety for Shooting

8-11 Games & T-Shirt Screening

Cracker-barrel / Dessert

Sunday July 26th

7am      Sunrise Sunday Service:

8am     Pancake Brunch at the Shooting Range

8-1       Shooting & Archery

1-3       Clean & Depart for Home


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