Chattahoochee Advancement


 Adult Leaders

To be a merit badge counselor, you must have experience for the merit badge(s) you wish to teach, and have an official certification for those merit badges that require additional experience such as fire arms or kayaking. You must register as a merit badge counselor with the Boy Scouts of America. You can serve as a merit badge counselor for just the Troop your son belongs to or you may choose to be available as a merit badge counselor to the local district or council. Please follow the links below for additional information.

All merit badge counselors must take youth protection training, complete an adult application as a MBC, complete a merit badge counselor application and be approved by the council advancement committee prior to working with our youth.


Internet Advancement

For questions please contact our District Advancement Chair, Larry Ayers, at

Cub Scout Advancement

Check out the National website for more info.

Boy Scout Advancement