Updated December 1, 2021

The current COVID related information expires on February 28, 2022. As discussed below, the information below does not modify the current operations in Scouting.


  • While Scouting in the Northeast Georgia Council is not subject to restrictions on gatherings, wearing of masks, social distancing, etc., we all need to be vigilant in protecting our health and the health of others. Please continue following practices that promote good health. For example, frequent washing of hands and other preventative actions remain desirable, as practical. Of importance, we recognize that individuals are not the same. Parents of scout participants and adult volunteers may voluntarily wear masks or take other preventative measures. We respect and support an individual’s desires to take such actions.
  • Please be aware that chartered organizations may still impose more restrictive guidelines. For example, if a chartered organization mandates wearing masks while meeting at the chartered organization’s facility, the unit must honor such restrictions while meeting in the facility.
  • Please be aware that as your unit travels out of state, different health care guidelines may exist.


We live in a world where potential for COVID-19 exposure remains. Please use common sense.

Please also remember that scouts are good citizens in our communities. Businesses and organizations in our communities may have different restrictions – and we honor such restrictions.

Thank you!

Northeast Georgia Council, Key Three

Rob Fowler, Council President

Carter Wood, Council Commissioner

Trip Selman, Scout Executive

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