ATV Program Weekends


We are proud to offer the BSA-ATV program to your Scouts. Through this program, Scouts will learn in a controlled environmen how to safely handle and operate an ATV. This is a High Adventure activity that requires all participants to be at least 14 years of age. The ATV Program course is approximately four hours in length and is focused on safety and rider active concepts. Participants may camp at Rainey Mountain on Friday and Saturday nights to make a full weekend of fun; however, it is not required. Troops and Crews are welcome to participate in this program. Any adult participating is required to bring proof of current Youth Protection Training. Additional adults can participate in the course, but youth participants have priority. Up to SIX youth can participate in the course at a time. The course can fill up fast! Register today!

Unit leaders and/or parents will be responsible for their youth. 

This Course is offered at Two Different Times:

Morning courses begin promptly at 8:00 am and run until noon. All Participants must be at the ATV shed to help set up at 7:30 am. When registering Morning Course is Timeblock 1.

Afternoon courses begin promptly at 1:00 pm and should conclude at 5:00 pm. All Participants are expected to stay after 5:00 pm to help clean the machines for storage. When registering Afternoon Course is Timeblock 2.



All Participants (including adults) must complete the online safety e-course offered by the ATV Safety Institute and bring Proof of Completion to the course. This is a free course and can be accessed here:


Required Gear: All Participants MUST provide

Long sleeved shirts

Long Pants

Ankle height boots


The Council will provide helmets and googles. You may use your own helmets; however they Must be DOT or Snell Approved.


Please fill out the Boy Scouts ASI ATV RiderCourseSM Waiver & Indemnification Agreement waiver and bring it with you for your Scout to participate. Please click on link below.


For any questions regarding the ATV Program please contact the Instructor, Jay Fox. For any registration questions please contact the Jefferson Service Center Camping Department. To register please click on one of the Register Today buttons on your desired weekend!




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