2020 Silver Beaver Recipient - Rex Hayes

Rex Hayes has been involved with Scouting since he joined Pack 266 in 1975 as a Cub Scout.  He has been continuously affiliated with Troop 266 since 1979 and is currently dual registered with Troop 513. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1982.

Rex is actively involved with the Northeast Georgia Council and has served on the Executive Board of Directors since 2017.  He has earned many leadership awards, among them the James E. West Silver Award and the James E. West Bronze Award, as well as earned the Hornaday Gold Medal in 2019 (a rare and highly respected recognition for exceptional service to conservation); and has played (and continues to play) important leadership roles in both the Council and the Apalachee District.

Among the roles Rex is most proud of are those that involve working with Scouts and helping them achieve their goals in Scouting.  He serves as Committee Chair and Eagle Advisor Coordinator and Coach for Troop 513.  Rex has taken almost every adult training course offered by the Boy Scouts. To mention just a few, he completed Wood Badge, Tali Atsila Outdoor Leadership Training, Youth Protection Training, Adult Aquatics Training, Outdoor Ethics, Outdoor Leader Skills, Adult Leader Training, and Ideals and Beliefs of Boy Scouting.

Rex has been a 12-month camper for more than 45 years. Tali Atsila, an advanced outdoor skills training course offered by the Northeast Georgia Council, was awarded to him in 2016.  The course is specifically designed to take leaders through a series of hands-on experiences in fundamental elements of the Outdoor Program:  cooking, pioneering, map and compass, woods tools, and other outdoor skills. Rex has been involved in Honor Camping through HOAC/307 Tribe of Mic-O-Say; Order of the Arrow; NEGA/101 Honor Troop, Camp Rainey Mountain; NEGA/101 Spirit Award Troop.

Among the National awards Rex has received are Philmont (113-mile trek); The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (6 day, 63 mile expedition); 100 Nights Camping; 500 Nights Camping.

Rex has been active in Georgia business and industry for many years.  He has been Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Sustainability Management Association since 2015, and also works with Habitat for Humanity as a volunteer. Prior to being associated with Sustainability Management, he was affiliated with Southeastern Rainwater Harvesting Systems Association and a founding member and Chairperson. Rex is an expert in water management and serves in many capacities involving best practices having to do with water conservation.

Since 2009 Rex has been a member of Sugar Hill Church where he is involved as a leader with Youth Small Group Study.